Project EGITTO

                                                    Title and project site

To prepare a reference laboratory (teaching center) for the two university laboratories, at the Italian Hospital  Umberto I in Cairo.

Dati and contacts of the Project Manager

VINCENZO STRACCA PANSA (ad interim)  e-mail:


Partners in the Project

To be defined

Financial sources

To be defined

Project Aims

Cairo has a catchment area of 20 million people and only two pathology laboratories in the University. The Management of' Umberto I Hospital ask to open a cyto-histopathology laboratory. This hospital has currently a consultant pathologist, Dr. Essam Ayed. Two technicians to be trained were identified . 

The goal is to set up a laboratory that is the reference point (teaching center) for the two university laboratories, to train and update the local staff, and install a telepathology workstation.

Activities done and result obtained

A site visit to assess the feasibility of the project was made by Dr. Beatrice Gatteschi and dr. Vincenzo Stracca.

The technical level of the cytological and histological  material of the University laboratory was judged to be very poor, and immunohistochemistry is non-existent. The management of  the Italian Hospital has identified and allocated the space for the lab. The company Dianoema has donated a license for the management program WINDOPATH, now in use, and a laptop PC.

The funds so far found have been donated by the City of Genoa, and will be used for the training of the technician (2 months at the Galliera Hospital in Genoa, Italy) and an update period for dr. Essam Ayed (2 weeks). Besides the used equipment in the process of being acquired will be reconditioned charged to the budget.